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About the company

The PCC Group is an international capital structure, comprising several dozen companies operating in three important sectors of the economy. These include chemistry, energy and logistics. Organizations within the PCC Group are both business units engaged in manufacturing activities and service companies, acting  for the needs of the external market.

The PCC Group is centrally managed by the German PCC SE, which brings together 82 companies operating in 41 locations in 18 countries and employing over 3,500 people.

82 companies
41 locations
18 countries
3500 employees

Crossin® Insulations is one of the newest and most innovative product lines in the PCC Group. It is a polyurethane insulation used for comprehensive and professional insulation of buildings. The modern range of Crossin® Insulations products is based on the highest quality and reliable customer experience. The effectiveness of Crossin® products is the result of the collaborative work of a highly qualified and expert with over 40 years of experience and expertise in polyurethane insulation.

Crossin® Insulations is an innovative and one of the most effective insulation systems on the market. The Crossin® offers technologically advanced products and insulation systems based on polyurethane insulation for roofs, attic, walls, floors and foundations, as well as technical insulation.

Modern products from Crossin® Insulations are ideal solution for the insulation of residential and office buildings, industrial or commercial buildings and outbuildings.

Innovative Crossin® Insulations can be used for thermal insulation both in newly erected buildings and those which are subject to thermo-modernization.

Crossin® Insulations – professionalism, efficiency, durability and safety for years to come.


Crossin® Insulations products are two types of technically advanced insulation, in the form of spray foams and rigid insulation boards. The innovation of the Crossin® line is the foundation on which comfort, safety and customer satisfaction are built. Crossin® experts are contantly working on developing new system solutions, based on a philosophy of sustainable technology and continuous improvement. In this way, a strong brand has emerged, based on informed choices not only made by business partners but above all – by modern and conscious families.

Experience Experience
Effectiveness Effectiveness
Safety Safety
Innovative approach Innovative approach

Foam insulation

This is a polyurethane foam spraying system designed for the fast and effective thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, walls and foundations. These systems are used in residential, industrial, agricultural, and public buildings. All Crossin® Insulations products based on spray foam insulation are especially recommended for large areas of insulation for both external and internal use on buidlings.

In this modern line of insulation, there are ready-made polyurethane systems, differing in physico-mechanical properties. Crossin® Insulations products based on spray polyurethane foam are: rigid closed-cell foam systems of different densities and open-cell semi-rigid foam system.

In addition to the highest quality products, Crossin® also offers a comprehensive building insulation service.


It is a modern thermal insulation system consisting of hard polyurethane insulating boards, high quality adhesives, plasters, grids and other elements that match the type and purpose of the system.

Crossin® Insulations solutions are used throughout the entire investment process. They work well as technical insulation and insulation of double-layer walls in ETICS technology, multi-layer systems, ventilated facades and insulation of floors and foundation insulation. Crossin® Insulations based on rigid polyurethane boards are tailor made to fit your specific needs. These systems are characterized by lightness, ease of application and lack of specialized equipment.

Crossin® Insulations based on polyurethane boards (PUR) provide excellent insulation performance, which contributes to significant savings by reducing the loss of energy required to heat buildings.