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Architecture is an area where hard technical skills are intertwined with an artistic vision. To design means to give shape to the form – the art of combining aesthetic qualities of the project with functionality. The work does not end at the object itself, as the spatial and aesthetic context in which the project is embedded is equally important. Every detail is important.

We understand it perfectly. That is why we want to provide solutions that enable you to implement the most ambitious visions. Crossin® systems provide the ability to create even the most complex projects, with excellent insulation performance. Crossin® Insulations is a modern insulating system based on polyurethane foam and rigid PU panels. Their versatility allows efficient and safe insulation regardless of the shape and type of insulated surface.

Crossin® systems significantly reduce energy losses, using even half the thickness of insulation layer than conventional solutions. This directly translates into lower wall thickness and greater usable area of the property (with the same built-up area).


What you gain?

Thin layer of insulation Thin layer of insulation
Saving Saving
Durability Durability
Security Security
Resistance to moisture, fungi and pests Resistance to moisture, fungi and pests