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What substrates can be used with open-cell foam?

At present, the most commonly encountered is a spray on a vapor permeable membrane or a formwork. This mainly concerns the isolation of the attic. The minimum temperature of the substrate in this case is 10oC. Other materials used in[…]

Is polyurethane expensive?

Taking into account the total value of the investment, polyurethane is not expensive insulation material. While one kilogram of polyurethane will be more expensive than many other products, the situation changes as you look at the cost of[…]

What is isolation?

  • Insulation is a material that is intended to protect two adjacent systems or surfaces from mutual adverse[…]

What characterizes the open-celled foam spray?

When comparing open-cell foam to closed-cell one, it should be mentioned that the first one has a significantly lower density and thus is lighter for the structure of the building. It has a higher thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) and is well[…]

Should you always use vapor barrier?

Not always. However, it should be remembered that the vapor barrier film is used primarily in rooms that are particularly exposed to moisture, among others: in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and drying rooms.

How to calculate the wall thermal resistance?

The walls of the house are usually built of several layers (for example, a load-bearing wall and insulation or load-bearing wall, insulation and facade walls) – each of these layers has a different resistance to heat escaping from the interior.[…]

Is spray insulation (polyurethane) safe for people?

Spray insulation has been used for many years in residential construction, which is protected by building regulations which are being constantly tightened. That is why our PU foam systems have been thoroughly tested. In addition, they have all[…]