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Is polyurethane expensive?

Taking into account the total value of the investment, polyurethane is not expensive insulation material. While one kilogram of polyurethane will be more expensive than many other products, the situation changes as you look at the cost of materials needed to obtain a certain insulation value of the building or its component (roof, walls, etc.).itp.).

Polyurethane is an extremely effective and efficient insulating material and therefore the thickness of the insulating layer is small. Thin walls mean smaller sills, shorter posts and smaller roofs, and for low-energy buildings – there is no need for major changes that significantly increase costs. The use of thinner insulating material increases sales or rental income for buildings with internal lining. What’s more, thanks to its smaller weight, polyurethane insulation requires fewer fixing accessories and the construction of the building can in many cases be lighter. Polyurethane guarantees high mechanical strength and does not settle, which in turn reduces maintenance costs. All this makes polyurethane a very cost effective product.