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What does "Compresive strenght at 10% deformation = 150 kPa" mean? When using this material for flooring, can you step on it without worrying that the insulation board will get damaged or deformed?

Compressive strenght is the mechanical property of any material. The higher the value of compressive strength, the higher the load on the test sample. Compression strength at 10% deformation gives information how much load must be applied so that the material’s thickness is deformed by 10%. In practice it looks like this:
1 kPa ≈ 102 kg/m2
150 kPa = 15 300 kg/m2 = 15,3 ton/m2

As the calculations show Crossin® PUR boards present high compressive strength and can be safely used as insulation for floors and foundations. In addition, the boards are characterized by very high insulation, high resistance to moisture and water, resistance to fungi, mold and rodents and insects. As a result, the Crossin® Insulations polyurethane boards are the ideal solution for floor and foundation insulation.