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Crossin® brands are thermal insulation systems that provide comfort and safety for years to come. Crossin® roducts offer the best thermal insulation options available. They are characterized by an exceptionally low coefficient λ. What does it mean?

LAMBDA (λ) describes the rate of thermal conductivity through a given material. The smaller the value λ, the better the insulator the tested material is. Crossin® new insulation system is characterized by an extremely favorable coefficient of λ. Its use provides the maximum reduction of heat loss, lower energy bills in the winter and protection of the building from high summer temperatures.

In the interest of our customers, we provide technical advice in choosing the most optimal solutions dedicated to specific applications. Our team of professionals offers complete professional supervision during the execution of any investment.

More than 70% of the energy in each building is consumed by heating. The external insulation of the building is of great importance in achieving the comfort of your home. The greatest energy loss is caused by heat transmission through walls, roofs and foundations.


What you gain?

Saving Saving
Durability Durability
Security Security
Resistance to moisture, fungi and pests Resistance to moisture, fungi and pests