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Crossin® Attic Soft

Crossin® Attic Soft is a spray-applied open-cell polyurethane foam (PUR) with excellent insulating and sound-absorbing properties despite its low density. Excellent adhesion to a variety of building materials and a relatively simple application process guarantees seamless insulation even in highly complex constructions, effectively eliminating thermal bridges. The low density, and therefore the weight of the material, does not produce an imposed load on the building’s structure. Compared to other available insulating materials and open-cell systems, the original thermal and sound insulation parameters are maintained over the years.

Crossin® Attic Soft Polyurethane Foam has a unique Bio Defense Technology, which effectively prevents the growth of mold and mold on the surface of the insulation material.


Crossin® Attic Soft Insulation is designed for indoor thermal and acoustic insulation by spraying. It is used to insulate the attic, various types of roofs, ceilings, as well as internal walls. It works well in wooden, brick, steel and skeletal constructions. It is used in residential, industrial, utility, hangar and media facilities.


  • Semi-rigid foam (soft)
  • Open-cell structure (closed cells content ≤ 20%)
  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity
  • Seamless insulation layer
  • Apparent density of foam core 9 ± 1.5 kg / m3
  • Diffusion coefficient of water vapor, μ: 3
  • Foaming with carbon dioxide (without the use of ozone depleting agents)
  • Safe for the environment – no HFC or PBDE
  • Class D sound absorption
  • Class E in response to fire
  • Short-term water absorption by partial immersion Wp≤0,85 kg/m2

High performance and fast assembly (even in 1 day)

It strengthens the mechanical structure without placing unwanted strain upon it

Eliminates burdensome airflow and external noise sources

Effectively reduces the amount of dust and allergens in the air