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Crossin® Base System

This is a thermal insulation based on polyurethane boards (PUR boards), which meets the high requirements for external thermal insulation materials, working in very difficult environmental conditions (among others as foundation insulation material). Boards are characterized by resistance to moisture, high compressive strength, and low thermal conductivity. Its stability of shape and high mechanical load resistance position the product among the best solutions for insulating foundations on the market.


Crossin® Base System is used as an external thermal insulation for foundations in residential and commercial buildings. It is an ideal solution to protect the building from the damaging effect of moisture (eg groundwater) and thus protect the entire structure from mold and fungus and the adverse effects of insects and rodents.


  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: λ ≤ 0,024 (W/(m·K),
  • Tolerance of width and length: ±1 mm
  • Rectangularity, according to EN 824: maks. 2 mm/m
  • Polyurethane core density: od 32 to 35 kg/m3
  • PUR board without cladding
  • Types of edge finish: smooth (without milling), with tabs (for joining the boards or ‘tongue-and-groove’)

Excellent thermal insulation and energy savings

Protects the building from moisture

Longer service life

Protection against pests and microorganisms