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Crossin® Dual System

This is a highly innovative, patented thermal insulation system of external walls in the form of polyurethane boards(PUR), combined with clinker tiles. The Crossin® Dual system is a polyurethane board with high thermal insulation. This product complements the exclusive collection of high quality KlinkerTM clinker tiles. In addition, Crossin® Dual is complemented by Crossin FS adhesive, Crossin® STK clinker tiles adhesive and Crossin® KK primer.


Crossin® Dual System is used for external wall insulation. The modern collection of King KlinkerTM clinker tiles makes the insulated and finished building aesthetically pleasing and unique. The system offers the possibility to use three different clinker tile formats, as well as face tiles. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, the entire insulation is highly resistant to moisture and water, frost resistant and durable. Crossin® Dual is also resistant to both atmospheric and mechanical pollution.


  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: λ ≤ 0,024 (W/(m·K)
  • Water vapor transmission coefficient: μ ≤ 20
  • Guides for 3 formats of clinker tiles: WDF, NF, RF
  • Insulation board thickness: 2 to 20 cm
  • Polyurethane core density: od 32 to 35 kg/m3
  • Compression strength: min.150 kPa

Aesthetics and durability

Safety guarantee

Low insulation thickness

Low absorption