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Crossin® Facade System

It is based on high quality polyurethane (PUR) boards, which provide excellent insulation due to its low thermal conductivity. Crossin® Facade polyurethane boards are handy, lightweight and easy to assemble. Thanks to its lightness, there is no major load on the structure of the building.

In addition to lightweight polyurethane boards, the Crossin® Facade System includes Crossin FS, Crossin® ST04 and Crossin® Flexy. All of these products allow you to apply any type of facade finish, from brick, clinker, stone, to wooden or aluminum panels – providing excellent adhesion to the insulation boards.


Crossin® Facade System is a modern thermal insulation solution based on polyurethane boards that are ideally suited for wall insulation in ventilated facade systems. The unique characteristics of the Crossin®Facade system make it widely used in the insulation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: λ = 0,024 (W/(m·K)
  • Thickness: from 2 to 20 cm
  • Tolerance of width and length: ±1 mm
  • Rectangularity, according to EN 824: maks. 2 mm/m
  • Polyurethane core density: od 32 to 35 kg/m3
  • PUR board without cladding
  • The ability to fit the shape and dimensions of insulation to a specific type of vented facade

Efficient and aesthetic insulation of any type of building

The possibility of adjusting the dimensions of the insulation boards

High durability and long service life

High resistance to moisture, mold, fungus