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Crossin® Front System

This is a complementary, complex external thermal insulation system built on the ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) technology. Crossin® Front System is based on hard polyurethane (PUR) boards, which have outstanding insulation characteristics. All components of the Crossin® Front system have been tested and appropriately selected to produce highly effective, moisture and water resistant and lightweight and easy to assemble thermal insulation systems.

The Crossin® Front system includes: Crossin® ST04 adhesive or Crossin® FS; Crossin® TPD PUR facade board; mechanical joints; VERTEX fiberglass mesh; Crossin® Front A Grunt – primer and Crossin® Front A – a dirt-resistant silicone coating.

Crossin® Front System complies with the European Technical Approval ETA



The distinguishing feature of the system is one of the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient, which is at the level of λ = 0,022 W/(m∙K). This parameter makes the Crossin® Front the perfect solution for both newly built and under-thermo-modernized buildings. The unique characteristics of the Crossin® Front system make it widely used in the insulation of residential and office buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, and outbuildings.


  • Heat conductivity coefficient: λ = 0,022 W/(m·K),
  • Water vapor transmission coefficient: μ ≤ 20,
  • Fire reaction class*: C-s2, d0
  • Thickness of insulation boards: range from 2 to 20 cm
  • Density of insulation boards: range from 32 to 35 kg/m3
  • Compression strength: min.150 kPa min.150 kPa

*Crossin® Front ST04 adhesive + Crossin® TPD PUR 30/40 board with thickness from 20 mm to 100 mm, Crossin® Front ST04 adhesive + R 114 reinforcement A101 or R 131 A101 + Crossin® Front A primer + Crossin® Front A plastering mortar

Effective protection of a building against changes in temperature

The high insulation parameters of the system allow the use of thinner insulation

Protect the building from the adverse effects of moisture

The durability of the insulation increases the life of the building