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Crossin® Hard 36

Crossin® Hard 36 is a spray-applied rigid foam (PUR) for excellent thermal insulation even at low thicknesses.

The low heat transfer coefficient allows the thickness of the insulation material to be reduced by half compared to conventional insulation materials. The method of application and the good adhesion to practically every substrate allows the use of this type of insulation even in hard-to-reach places.


Crossin® Hard 36 Insulations designed for the thermal insulation of roof surfaces, ceilings and attic, both inside and outside the building. This type of foam is used both in agriculture and in the industry for insulation, among others. warehouses and halls as well as in housing and public buildings. Foam Crossin® Hard 36 can be used for insulation and renovation of existing buildings and as insulation material in newly erected buildings.


  • Rigid foam (hard)
  • Closed-cell (closed cells content ≥ 90%)
  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity
  • Unsprayed insulation layer
  • Core density ≥ 34 kg/m3
  • Diffusion coefficient of water vapo, μ ≥ 60
  • Foaming without the use of ozone depleting agents
  • Safe for the environment
  • Low water absorption (Wp = 0,10 kg/m2)
  • Class E in response to fire

Non-isolation of the insulation eliminates any heat loss

Increased airtightness eliminates burdensome airflows

Resistance to fungi and mold

Effective soundproofing