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Crossin® Hard 40

Crossin Hard 40 is a spray-applied, high strength, high density polyurethane foam (PUR). Crossin® Hard 40 polyurethane foam provides excellent thermal insulation even at low thickness.

The mixed system sprayed directly onto the insulated surface creates a layer of polyurethane closed-cell foam (PUR)  with increased hardness and strength, especially resistant to the permanent load and the influence of groundwater.


Crossin® hard 40 insulation is intended for thermal insulation of floors (also without basements) and foundations in various buildings. Especially recommended for insulating surfaces requiring increased strength for external loads. The product is successfully used in residential construction, especially in single- and multi-family buildings and in apartment blocks.


  • Rigid foam (hard)
  • Closed-cell structure
  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity
  • Seamless insulation layer
  • Core density ≥ 38 kg/m3
  • Diffusion coefficient of water vapo, μ ≥ 60
  • Foaming without the use of ozone depleting agents
  • Safe for the environment
  • Low water absorption (Wp = 0,10 kg/m2)
  • Class E in response to fire

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