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Crossin® Hard 50

Crossin® Hard 50 is a PUR spray foam with increased strength resulting from higher density. Crossin Hard 50 Polyurethane foam provides excellent thermal insulation even at low thicknesses.

Crossin® Hard 50 insulation, apart from one of the lowest heat transfer coefficients (U), it also provides very high insulation against moisture is highly wind resistant.


Izolacja Crossin® Hard 50 insulation is designed for outdoor thermal insulation of large, flat roofs and multi-layer roofs, using spraying method. It is particularly recommended for insulating roofs in industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential buildings (especially in single and multi-family buildings and public buildings).


  • Rigid foam (hard)
  • Closed-cell structure
  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity
  • Seamless insulation layer
  • Core density ≥ 48 kg/m3
  • Diffusion coefficient of water vapo, μ ≥ 60
  • Foaming without the use of ozone depleting agents
  • Safe for the environment
  • Low water absorption (Wp = 0,10 kg/m2)
  • Class E in response to fire

High performance and ease of application

Greater energy efficiency of the building

Increased durability and resilience of the roof

Excellent adhesion to the materials of the roof