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Technical insulation

Crossin® Shell System

This is an insulating polyurethane (PUR) board with a close-cell structure. It has a unique shape that allows adaptation to a strongly differentiated surface. It shows great resistance to mechanical deformation, load and compression. Crossin® Shell is durable and resistant to moisture and aging effects. The low density of the Crossin Shell polyurethane board means that this solution does not overload the equipment and technical installations, protecting them from the effects of heavy use and damage.


Crossin® Shell System is an extremely effective technical insulation that provides full protection against heat loss. It is used to secure installations and technical equipment, often with very varied shapes. The system is especially recommended for insulation of heating and sanitary installations. Resistance to water, mold, fungi, rodents and insects causes the system to be successfully used also for the insulation of car-coolers (isotherm).


  • Thermal conductivity coefficient: λ=0,024 W/(m*K)
  • Maximum parameters of one element: 2000x1000x500 mm
  • Insulation board thickness: 2 to 20 cm
  • Tolerance of width and length: ±1 mm
  • Polyurethane core density: od 32 to 35 kg/m3
  • Types of edge finish: smooth (without milling), with tabs (for joining the boards or ‘tongue-and-groove’)

Effective protection against temperature changes

Constant protection of installations and technical equipment

Variety of insulation shapes

Small system weight